Other pets we own ...

These are some photo's of MINOES, a nice cat born in 2003

Minoes 00 05 25a.jpg (66045 bytes)
Minoes sleeping
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Minoes 01 01 03.jpg (116367 bytes)
Minoes as little kitten
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Minoes 01 05 18a.jpg (98343 bytes)
Minoes on a paper mache
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Minoes 01 09 01A.JPG (90356 bytes)
Minoes on the floor
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Dscf1947.jpg (84377 bytes)
Minoes sleeping on Kerera's pad
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And of course Woepi , Desiree's little black rabbit, saddly deceased in 2005 at the age of 7

Woepie 01 08a.jpg (109499 bytes)
Woepie on pillow,
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